September 18, 2002


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This site is a single page site. The concept here is the first time you visit, you must wait for all the graphics to load, but then once they're in your cache, you don't need to wait on your second visit. The graphics will load instantly. You should visit this site often and follow a different REUNION link each time.

The old pros are back to "show 'em how it's done"! Here are some bands and some links to read updates about their reunions:

Click Here e to notify me of any reunions or submit idea for band you'd most like to see reunite.

to go to my brother's cool new GTO page!

to access my multiple search engine page. If it's on the internet, you'll find it using this.

who Did you see The Who on thier 2002 tour.  I did.  If you did and would like to purchased a cd of the show you saw, click on this CD cover. 

for the best Blondie Web page you'll find. Updated almost daily or you can have them e-mail you when it is. Do you have YOUR Blondie tickets yet?!!!

.Well, it turns out it was too good to be true. ROADHOUSE GARDEN was the name of a new album with Prince & The Revolution but it was only old tapes that he was finishing up & releasing but it never happened.  Instead, Prince is becoming stranger & stranger.  He's demanding that the people who own the copyrights to his songs GIVE them back because he regrets signing them away, even going to the point of asking Madonna for help in a very strange "Open Letter" to her on his cult-like webpage asking her to use her influence.  He and his wife divorced and she can now be seen on Tommy Lee's arm (Yes, Tommy from "Motley Crue" and Pam & Tommy sex tape). Prince went back to his original name but in recent interviews and statements, it's clear that it's all about money now with Prince.  Oh, well. Come back to us Prince, we miss you! 

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Great to see these guys together again.  .  to go to Sony's official announcement.

  • .

    Black Sabbath   ALL FOUR ORIGINAL MEMBERS!  They came to Long Island on Feb. 6th, 1998 . I was there and have never seen anything like it. Click below for the best place to get updates.

  • kiss for info on the NEW reunion.  I bought a ticket for thier last "Farewell Tour" but now in August 2002 they've announced that they have a right to change thier mind.  I say they don't but who asked me? 

    Elvis ELVIS PRESLEY His old band  reunited & took the old show on the road! Original film of just Elvis singing a complete concert with everything else removed (including music & background vocals) is shown on a huge screen (much like the large screens at most of today's concerts) while his original band reunites onstage ( with an orchestra) . They've even reunited the original back-up singers. I caught the show on 3/20/98 at Radio City Music Hall. It was amazing. Read all about it from Graceland's web page by clicking the Elvis The Concert photo.

    I caught the Bow Wow Wow reunion show at NYC's Wetlands on February 12th 1998 (thier second night there). I actually met Debby Harry of Blondie at the bar and spoke with her.  
    to see NY ROCKS  review of the show. Also has RealAudio of "I Want Candy" in it's entirety.

    to get to a great webpage for them. Here's a shot I took of them September 14th, 1997 at Westbury Music Fair here in Long Island, NY. I was in THIRD ROW. That's Keith Emerson underneath the keyboards playing backwards. Greg Lake is on the left & of course, Carl Palmer on the drums .

    GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Yes!  The guys who brought you "We're An American Band" & "Closer To Home" had a short reunion tour (only 3 dates) with the Sarajevo Symphony Orchestra to raise money for orphans & refugees in Bosnia. I was lucky to have been at the show at the Beacon Theater on April 28th 1997. 6th row center & then at Westbury Music Fair in the second row!

    Here's me outside before the show. ..........And here's a picture I took. Great seats, huh? Click on the shot of them playing at the Beacon for a concert review of that show. Also click on photo of me for a list of Grand Funk Railroad links!

    also click this for correct military time.  

    Fleetwood Mac That's right. WITH Lindsay Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Christi and whole bunch. They taped thier first show together for MTV May 23rd 1997  in Los Angeles. They released it as a CD as well, then a grand tour. Cool. Click on the album cover for a heavy graphic but great F.M. page for reunion news. I had tickets for the Nassau Coliseum show on Sept 23rd 1997! They were great. Lindsey & Stevie kissed after "Landslide". Nice touch.

    The Monkees ALL FOUR got back together again in 1997 & the new album was GREAT! It's called JUSTUS because it's JUST THEM. No studio musicians! They even produced it themselves. to go to the best webpage dedicated to them. Also  to go to the Rhino Records webpage which features a regular buffet of Monkee products including a great CD-ROM called Hey, Hey We're The Monkees which is full of full screen music & interview video for Windows.

    Van Halen (with David Lee Roth) Ok, it was a hoax. Eddie and his brother pulled one over on us & now they're talking about what a jerk Hagar is. First David's a jerk, then Hagar's a jerk. I think the problem may lie with the brothers themselves. Oh well, it would have been cool.  & check out this great site dedicated Van Halen News. 

    Journey to read daily updates about the Journey reunion, a look at the new album cover. I saw them from the front row at the Beacon Theatre in 1998. They were great. The new lead singer looks and sounds just like Steve Perry. would be great to have Steve back.   Read all about it on this great webpage.

    Don't make this your last trip here! It's only going to get better & better. Set it up as one of your bookmarks!

    Click here to download RealPlayer for live audio & videoRealAudio homepage

    To demonstrate how well RealVideo works, Click this photo & watch an entire 2 hour movie about the life of Jesus filmed entirely in Isreal (and in many cases on the same streets) and taken directly from the book of Luke. Don't forget to "right-click" on the film while it is playing & Zoom video to Full Screen to really enjoy it. Works beautifully w/56k modems.

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